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Boond Boond PaniJeevan Ki Kahani

Save every drop. Pull out all the stops.

Water has been the driving force for human civilization. No one can survive without drinking water. And this is why, quite rightly, water has been hailed as the very essence of human existence.

Although, it is fascinating to know that a total of 70% of the Planet Earth is made of water but only a meagre 2.5% of it is potable and thus, is safe for drinking. Perhaps, it’s high time that we change the way we use water and also change our way of thinking.

Tata Pipes Jeevan with its campaign, 'Boond Boond Pani, Jeevan Ki Kahani’ makes you aware of the importance of water in everyday lives. Also, it shows you ways in which you can save water thereby making the world sustainable and livable.

Tip of the Month

Water your lawn only when it is needed - Watering on a regular schedule doesn't allow for cool spells or rainfall which reduces the need for watering. Step on some grass. If it springs back up when you move your foot, it doesn't need water.

Water Facts

68.7% of the freshwater on Earth is trapped in the glaciers

Tata Pipes JeevanHealthy, Friendly Pipes

A pioneer in plumbing pipes, Tata Pipes has been bringing water into our homes and joy in our lives, for over 50 years.

Tata Pipes Jeevan comes with the same quality assurance which you would associate with the Tata name.


  • Pure Steel Pipe Tata Pipes Jeevan is made with virgin steel in the state-of-the-art Tata Steel mills in Jamshedpur.
  • Galvanized Coating The pure steel pipes are given a galvanized coating which makes the pipes more resistant to corrosion.
  • Organic Coating An organic coating is applied over the galvanized pipe. The coating is eco-friendly and adds life to the product


  • Exact length of 6 metres No chance of being cheated and no wastage of pipes.
  • Available at a uniform price The only pipes brand with a Recommended Consumer Price.
  • Thickness as per specification IS: 1239 Strict adherence to Scheme of Testing and Inspection laid down by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as per licensing norm - Always reliable.
  • Guaranteed 360 GSM Zinc Coating Consistent and uniform Zinc coating both on the outside and inside of the tubes, offers greater resistance to corrosion, prevents water contamination and results in increased longevity.
  • Boron+ Steel Superior threadability, hence strong joints. (For specific applications).


  • 01Prevents white rust formation
  • 02Anti-fingerprint surface
  • 03The 360+GSM of pure Zinc Coating provides resistance against rusting
  • 04Made with water-based compounds and is non-flammable
  • 05Adds to the aesthetic appeal of the galvanized pipes
  • 06The Organic coating enhances the life of the galvanized steel pipe by 3 times
  • 07Improves paint adhesion properties


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